Unveiling essential outdoor kitchen must-haves in Algarve

outdoor kitchen must-haves guide

Hey there, welcome to the sunny vibes of the Algarve! If you’re daydreaming about turning your backyard into a cool kitchen spot, you’re in for a treat. We’re about to spill the beans on all the cool stuff you need for your outdoor kitchen in Algarve—think top-notch grills, flashy awnings, and even a fireplace for […]

Grilling mushrooms and elevate your Autumn cuisine!

grilling mushrooms

As autumn blankets the world in warm hues and crisp breezes, it’s time to embrace the culinary delights that this season has to offer. Among the stars of autumn’s bounty are mushrooms, and trust us, grilling them is a game-changer. Get ready for a flavour explosion that will redefine your autumn dining experience. In this […]

Finding inspiration for your outdoor kitchen

Inspiration for your outdoor kitchen

Are you ready to turn your outdoor kitchen dreams into a reality? Finding inspiration for your outdoor kitchen can ignite your creativity and unlock the potential of your outdoor space. In this post, we’ll explore exciting ideas, design concepts, and tips to help you create a functional and inspiring outdoor kitchen. Imagine the joy of […]

Make the most of your home and embrace outdoor living

outdor kitchen installation in Algarve, Portugal

Summer brings longer days, warmer temperatures, and the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you have a spacious backyard, a cozy balcony, a terrace, or a patio, you can transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary for relaxation, entertainment, and memorable gatherings. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to prepare your outdoors […]

Are fire bowls worth it?

fire bowl hofats

Fire bowls are a thrilling addition to your outdoor space. They are inviting and create a cosy environment for evenings outside with your loved ones during fall and winter. Moreover, fire bowls are an alternative to a chimenea or a standard fire pit. You can enjoy the cosy warmth and dancing flames from a bowl-shaped […]

5 tips for the perfect barbecue in Portugal

barbecue in portugal

The world is waking up to Portugal’s farm-to-table tradition, the rich & healthy cuisine and the more than 200 days of sunshine per year. Get ready to drool as we disclose five tips for the perfect barbecue in Portugal! Crispy Porco Preto, grilled sardines directly from the boat and slapped on the barbecue, a mouthwatering […]

Introducing Carawela’s Cookout Ovens and Pizza Ovens

Carawela cookout ovens

At Algarve, we’re big fans of Cookouts. Forget the burgers! If you want to cook outside the (pizza) box, consider transforming your yard into a second kitchen with the best Carawela Cookout Ovens! Cookout and pizza ovens are powerful all-purpose cooking tools, especially if you want to keep your kitchen cool in the hot summer […]

5 Easy Summer Grilling Recipes

grilled summer recipes in algarve

Around here, summer is pretty much synonymous with grilling. So, when the weather starts to warm up in the Algarve, our favourite place to be is behind the grill! To help you welcome all that summer offers (food-wise, at least), we’ve rounded up five quick and easy grilled summer recipes for your grilling pleasure.  There’s […]

Backyard Outdoor Fire Pits and Patio Heaters in Algarve

Napoleon Hampton Rectangular Patio Flame Table a patio heater in algarve

Autumn always seems to crop up quickly. You may want to plan now for how you’ll keep your patio or your garden warm in cooler weather, so you can continue to enjoy the fresh air. Within this article, you will learn all you need to know to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your […]

7 Perfect Portuguese Recipes For Autumn

Perfect Portuguese Recipes For Autumn

As we hurtle towards October, we want to talk about the perfect Portuguese recipes for Autumn that you can cook on your grill in Algarve. Autumn is a great time to test your food palette. Whilst it begins to get colder outside, there’s no better way to spend your time in your home than by […]

Why you should move to the Algarve in 2021

Why you should move to the Algarve in 2021

Today we are going to talk about one the things that make us feel most passionate about: The Algarve. Read on to know the many reasons why you should move to the Algarve in 2021 (or any time in your life). The Algarve is a region covering about 5000 square kilometres situated on the southernmost […]

How to prepare the perfect grilled sausages using indirect heat

How to prepare the perfect grilled sausages with indirect heat

Are you keen to cook, entertain and enjoy with your friends this summer in the Algarve? It feels like we have been waiting for the Algarve sunny weather and the start of the summer season for so long! If you already built your outdoor kitchen for the BBQ season and installed your awnings to protect […]

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