5 things you can do with a side burner

5 things you can do with a side burner

Have you ever wanted to boil some potatoes while grilling your meats? Or perhaps, sauté something on your grill? You’ll want to use a side burner. Summer season is approaching, and this is synonymous with rest and entertaining panoramas, where everyone seeks to enjoy the good weather, good humour and great food. Moreover, appetizers, roasts […]

Tricks and tips to make a delicious burger

make a perfect burger in Portugal

Eating makes us happy. That’s a fact. And finding someone who doesn’t like hamburgers is almost impossible. It is also a fact. It is considered one of half the world’s favourite dishes and is among the top favourite foods, competing with pizza. Do you want to learn how to make a perfect burger? The combination […]

The best Winter barbecue accessories

winter barbecue accessories as this gloves

As the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall, many barbecue enthusiasts may think it’s time to hang up their tongs and cover up the grill for the winter. However, true grill masters know winter is no reason to pause outdoor cooking. It’s the perfect time to embrace the cozy ambience of the season […]

What to do with your BBQ leftovers

If you’re like us, the joy of a sizzling BBQ is unparalleled. But what do you do with all the remnants when the gathering concludes? Fear not! We’ve crafted a comprehensive guide to help you maximize the potential of your BBQ leftovers. From essential storage tips to mouthwatering ways of transforming burgers, steaks, chicken, and […]

Grilled Piri Piri prawns for a coastal Christmas

grilled piri piri prawns recipe

Celebrate the holiday season with a coastal twist that will transport your taste buds straight to the sunny shores of Portugal or the breezy beaches of the UK. Ditch the traditional roasts and embrace the barbecue magic with our grilled Piri Piri prawns recipe—a seafood sensation that promises to make your Christmas gathering unforgettable. The […]

5 creative BBQ ideas for your Halloween party

BBQ ideas for your Halloween party like this cheeseburger

Spooky season is officially here🎃! Halloween is knocking at our doors, and you might have started making scary costumes and other items to decorate your place and maintain the festive mood. This year, we want to offer you the most creative BBQ ideas for your Halloween party if you celebrate at home with your loved […]

Finding inspiration for your outdoor kitchen

Inspiration for your outdoor kitchen

Are you ready to turn your outdoor kitchen dreams into a reality? Finding inspiration for your outdoor kitchen can ignite your creativity and unlock the potential of your outdoor space. In this post, we’ll explore exciting ideas, design concepts, and tips to help you create a functional and inspiring outdoor kitchen. Imagine the joy of […]

Grill into Autumn: your guide to seasonal barbecue

autumn grill

As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisp and refreshing, there’s a distinct sense that autumn has painted its vibrant palette across the landscape of Portugal. While many might associate grilling with the soothing days of summer, there’s something uniquely enchanting about firing up the grill during the fall season. The aroma of […]

Top 3 grilled salmon salad recipes

salmon salad

Salmon is a delicious and versatile fish packed with nutrients and health benefits. Therefore, a salmon salad is an excellent option whether you’re a seafood lover or simply looking for a healthy and flavorful meal. Salmon is a fascinating fish for the summer since you can use it for cold recipes that will help you […]

Grilling the taste of summer: A guide to sardine skewers

How to grill fish and how to grill sardines in Portugal

Fish, reeds, salt and fire. Little else is needed to prepare a sardine skewer or “espeto” from Málaga, Spain, a dish that has become a heritage element of Spanish culture. Its popularity has reached such high levels that even Google has dedicated one of its Doodles to it, a temporary alteration of the logo on […]

How to grill any vegetable

How to Grill Any Vegetable

Nutritional value and diversity to your meals. That’s what adding grilled vegetables to your diet is all about. It’s not only a healthy option but a tasty one too. Add a smoky flavour and keep your vegetables juicy and tender by grilling them! Grilling vegetables does not involve excess fat. In addition, this method preserves […]

The benefits of having side burners when grilling

napoleon side burner to grill

If you look at it, everything’s better with a sidekick, i.e. Batman has Robin, Frodo has Sam, and gas grills have side burners! Gas grills get all the add-ons and attention as we enjoy incredible feasts. But even the most exquisite main dishes are only as unique if they have a side dish.  Here’s where the […]

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