top best grilling accessories to buy this summer

The best barbecue and grilling accessories to buy this summer

Turquoise sea and mountains, lazy beach days and Portuguese grilled sardines. The Algarve is a place full of beauty, especially during summertime. Grilling season hasn’t over yet in the Algarve. So if you live in Faro, Albufeira, Portimao, Lagos or any other place in southern Portugal and you have a BBQ area at your home, you may want to read our recommendations for the best grilling accessories to buy this summer. It’s all about improving your outdoor cooking experience.

Your outdoor kitchen and your grill are perfect for cooking food in open spaces and gather the family among tender meat and other mouth-watering BBQ dishes. But grilling is not just done by having a barbecue at home. As much as necessary are the number of grilling tools to become a grillmaster.

There are a lot of accessories available on the market to make outdoor cooking simpler. From accessories to help you get your fire started, to planks or cast-iron pans to cook the food. From the best knives to slice the meat to a chic lamp or shade to protect your outdoor space from the sun. With all this in mind and if you are struggling to find the best grilling accessories to buy this summer, here we recommend 10 gadgets available in our store and with free delivery in the Algarve area.

The best grilling accessories to buy this summer

Broil King Grilling stone

Have you ever cooked a pizza with a grill stone? With a grilling stone, you won’t need to wait at the front door for your pizza to be delivered. You can do it yourself in your backyard in Algarve. Grilling this delicious Italian dish provides you with the added smoky flavour we have spoken on different occasions. If you want to cook pizza in your place you just have to make the dough, roll it out, top it with your favourite ingredients and then place it on your grilling stone.

Cooking pizza on a rock adds an extra crispy base and perfectly melted toppings due to the high heat of this cooking environment. In this sense, the Broil King 15″ diameter ceramic composite grilling and pizza stone is ideal for high-temperature baking on your grill. The composite resists moisture or temperature-related cracking. This is perfect for pizza but also helps the bread to get a nice crisp crust. You can also grill beef, chicken or pork on it. It is beautiful and thick and has a very high quality.Don’t forget to get the stone hot before you cook your pizza on it. If you don’t, your pizza is going to get stuck to the rock. Buy your Broil King Grilling stone here.

Cooking pizza at home can be very fun

BK Imperial tool set

When grilling your food is always necessary to have essential tools to cook without problems in the barbecue. If you are cooking on a blazing-hot grill, you will probably need a toolset. They are comfortable, easy-to-use and long enough to keep your hands a distance from the flames. If you are grilling during the summer sun rays in any city of the Algarve like Faro or Almancil, you will love to have this kit with you.

The Broil King Baron tool is a high-quality set for the barbecue and one of the best grilling accessories to buy this summer and help you cook in your outdoor area. It includes a spatula to delicately turn around your food from below. It has tweezers to move your food from the flames to your plate. Also comes with a brush to spread your steaks with your seasoning or any amazing sauce you have previously prepared. Finally, it has a brush to keep your grill in a perfect condition after cooking on it. Buy your BK Imperial tool set here. You can also see how to use the tools in this featured Broil King video.

BK Imperial tool set
A tool set is essential when grilling

Grill topper

Some grill toppers are essential. These ones come in all shapes and sizes, from trays and baskets to woks and even saute pans. Take into account that this is a convenient tool. This Broil King grill topper has plenty of slots for the smoke to travel through and plenty of surface to brown things like seafood. The single draw design improves functionality and rigidity, it also makes it much easier to clean. Handles make it easy to position on your grill and to carry the food from your prep area to the rack and back. Buy your BK Grill Topper here.

Grilling topper a grilling accessory
A grill topper is ideal to cook seafood and veggies

Grilling basket

Do you like to cook vegetables on your grill? The best option to do it is with a grilling basket. The Broil King affordably priced grill basket is useful to place your diced zucchinis, peppers, onions and aubergines. This baskets perforations offer better heat and air circulation. This will allow your veggies to have more contact with the grill and avoid steam.

If you are also grilling seafood or small pieces of meat, a grilling basket is an essential tool to have better control over your diced, sliced or chopped ingredients. This will avoid your food to fall through the grate of your barbecue down into the coals. Remember than a quality model like this one is durable and able to stand in high temperatures. Try this grilling tool and let us know your experience in the comments. Buy your BK Premium Grilling Basket here.

Premium grilling basket
This is a very durable model

BK Maple plank

Plank grilling, also known as “planking” is the best way to ensure that your food will get a deep, wood-smoked flavour. This method consists of placing your food on a wooden board that has been set over indirect heat on a grill. Are you willing to try? We recommend the Broil King Maple grilling plank. They are made with 100% natural Canadian Maple wood. To use it when grilling, just place your choice of meat on top of the plank directly onto your BBQ. This will allow the tasty flavours from maple to infuse the meat.

Remember that before you start grilling, you’ll need to soak your board for at least an hour. Therefore, the best way is by soaking the plank in a baking dish. This prevents the wood from catching fire while you cook. In this sense, you’ll have to take precaution and watch for occasional flare-ups. Buy your BK Maple Plank here.

Broil King maple plank
Place your choice of meat on top of the plank directly onto your BBQ and start cooking it

Napoleon Stainless Steel Grill Brush

We know that many of the summer highlights come from BBQ parties with family and friends. By owning a BBQ store, we understand how crucial outdoor dining areas are for families in Algarve and southern Portugal. Gathering the family and cooking sardines, veggies and steaks is part of the grilling season that we never want to end. But remember that only a thoroughly cleaned grill can properly cook smoky, savoury meats that diners will devour.

Firstly, the black residue that builds upon the surface of your BBQ contains carcinogens that may increase health risk. Second, food it’s easier to handle when it is prepared on a clean grill. With the Napoleon Stainless Steel Grill Brush, you will be able to properly clean your grill and preserve the hardware by preventing rust and corrosion. This brush cleans in all directions and helps you to have that grill top as clean as new in no time. Not all grilling accessories are for grilling, remember cleaning is essential as well. Buy your Napoleon Stainless Steel Grill Brush here.

Napoleon Stainless Steel Grill Brush
Napoleon Stainless Steel Grill Brush

Broil King Dual Prong SS Skewer Set

Starting the summer, we recommended you to eat your veggies on skewers in combination with chicken. If you are not used to eating veggies, you can experiment with sides, appetizers, or grilled shrimp and vegetables. These stainless steel heavy duty skewers will hold your ingredients firmly. We firmly believe this is one of the best grilling accessories to buy we can recommend you. Also, they are easy to turn thanks to the oversized Broil King branded handle. The best part? They are easy to clean afterwards. Buy your BK Skewer set here.

Grilling accessories to buy this summer as a skewer set
Grilling your vegetables combined with chicken on skewers is the best way to eat them when you throw a BBQ party

Broil King Premium Pork Claws

Do you like pulled pork? The pulled pork hamburger is getting popular every day. With the Broil King premium pork claws, you can take the pork butt or shoulder and shred it up into pulled pork. Using a fork just doesn’t really cut it, and it’s outright dangerous. Even more, you won’t drop the food on the floor because you tried to shred with another tool that it wasn’t able for. After using it, you will be able to eat your packed-with-flavour meat and eat with BBQ sauce. Get your Premium Pork Claws here.

BK Premium pork claws accessory for the BBQ
The best way to shred the meat before making a pulled pork hamburger

Two more luxury accessories to buy this season

Side burners

If you want to expand your outdoor kitchen, side burners are a great option. These ones are great to cook new dishes or heating up sauces while you are still grilling. However, among all the grilling accessories you can buy, these ones are very underused and are considered as a luxurious item. Take into account that when you are grilling the side burner is right there, you don’t have to go inside to cook or warm up your sides on the stove or in the oven. In conclusion, we believe this one is an essential cooking tool and recommend its use to upgrade your outdoor space at your place in Algarve. Take a look at our complete selection of side burners for grills and outdoor kitchens.

This side burner from Napoleon allows cookers to cook other dishes while the main course is on the grill

Rotisserie kit

The meat on the spit goes ’round and ’round! The last grilling accessory we will recommend you is a rotisserie burner. If you want to surround your food with heat without having a high direct heat directly under it, this is an excellent choice for you. The addition of a rotisserie burner to your BBQ has become a popular trend that allows advance cooking control and of course, the ability to slow-cook different types of beef, vegetables, chicken and fruits. Check our wide range of rotisserie kits from the top brands in the market.

Rotisserie kit from Beef Eater
A rotisserie kit is ideal if you want to slow-cook chicken

When speaking about the grilling tools, we can recommend you so many items to improve your outdoor cooking experience! Just take a look at all the grilling accessories we have available in our store. Have you tried one of these? Let us know in the comments area below.


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