Outdoor dining area in Algarve

Why building an outdoor dining area in your home

We recently received comments from a happy customer in our Instagram account. She mentioned us on a post about how comfortable and peaceful she felt her Sunday mornings in the outdoor space we created in her backyard. That made us think about the reason families decide to build an outdoor dining area.

Along with the reasons to build a beautiful and comfortable outdoor area, we have also gathered the benefits of outdoor cooking and the gain from eating outdoors with your friends, family members or just with your own company. This can also be very special if you live in a sunny space like Algarve. Here, in southern Portugal, nature is abundant and cultural traditions are of great importance, such as Sardines Festival or knowing the proper recipe to Piri Piri Chicken. Hope you enjoy your reading.

Benefits of outdoor cooking and eating

There are a lot of studies that highlight the benefits of spending time outdoors. In this sense, cooking or eating outside is enjoyable for more than having a different lunchtime scenery.  Eating outdoors can also be very good for your health. Here are some of the benefits:

Mood booster

Having lunch or just a quick break outdoors can do wonders for your stress levels, and creativity. Eating outdoors can be a mood booster, mainly if you are used to eating lunch in a cubicle at your office. This also helps to combat anxiety and depression.

Bonding time

Having a barbecue party or just gathering the family to grill some juicy steaks in a summer weekend is essential to have a good mood. By having outdoor dining, your family can get all together to enjoy several meals, having children playing on the yard and bonding.

Benefits  of being in nature

Research has proved that spending time in nature boosts your mood, improves your attention, memory and concentration. Studies also have shown that being surrounded by nature reduces heart rate, lowering stress hormones, blood pressure and eases muscle tension. If you live in Algarve, there are plenty of areas such as the beach, or parks to try this habit and see the benefits for yourself.

Vitamin D

We are used to spending so much time indoors that we often forget the importance of boosting vitamin D levels. This hormone comes from the sun and helps to protect against diverse diseases such as depression, heart attacks and osteoporosis. Again,  if you live in the Algarve area, known for its sunny days and beautiful beaches, take advantage of the sun. There is nothing more satisfying than an outdoor barbecue on the weekend.

Make the most of your outdoor dining area

If you finally decided to add an outdoor space to your home, here are some tips that are given by our outdoor specialists:

  • Locate your space to take advantage of the outdoor scenery. For example, think about your garden, your pool, the mountains or another beautiful view.
  • Check for local codes regarding open flames, primarily if you are located in an area prone to brush fires.
  • Your barbecue must be located in an open area at least 10 feet from brush, combustible overhead surfaces or buildings.
  • Always add a fridge to keep your beers cold and at hand to your guests. This way, you don’t have to go inside to search for cold beverages.
Barbecue area in Quinta do Lago
We built this Beefeater Signature SL4000S in Quinta do Lago, Algarve
  • Add some awnings and shades to protect your outdoor dining area when the sun of Algarve is powerful.
  • Consider candles, lanterns, hanging lights and torches for considerable ambience and comfort.
  • Take into account than adding an outdoor eating area will raise the value of your house.
Outdoor dining area in Seville
This spring, we delivered this brand new barbecue to this beautiful garden in Seville, Spain

Call your outdoor living specialists

According to a study, the average person spends 90 per cent of life indoors. After knowing the benefits of having an outdoor dining space and eating outdoors, take advantage of this warm summer months. Remember in no time cold weather will arrive and we’ll be wishing for summer. Visit our wide variety of high-quality barbecues with free delivery and assembly in the Algarve. Take a look at our luxury outdoor kitchens or just visit our store in Almancil.

We will help you to decide how to build your outdoor dining area and to pick the barbecue and accessories that best suit your requirements.


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