How to Grill Any Vegetable

Nutritional value and diversity to your meals. That’s what adding grilled vegetables to your diet is all about. It’s not only a healthy option but a tasty one too. Add a smoky flavour and keep your vegetables juicy and tender by grilling them!

Grilling vegetables does not involve excess fat. In addition, this method preserves minerals and vitamins. If you boil vegetables, the nutrients remain in the water, whereas frying them in the pan involves more fat. Vegetables on the grill are the second best method after eating them raw. 

Furthermore, vegetables on the grill have an incredible flavour. Something about a lightly charred vegetable with that smoky, luscious kick makes any stomach happy.

Are you still wondering about the best way to cook vegetables on the grill? Read on to find out!

Choosing the right vegetables

Before putting the vegetables on the grill, the question arises as to which is the best veggie to cook. The reality is that the range of vegetables that cook well on the grill is virtually endless. However, if we had to choose, zucchini, aubergines, asparagus and lettuce are among our favourite choices.

If you want an optimal result when grilling vegetables, we suggest using fresh, ripe vegetables. The fresher the vegetables are, the more they will enhance the natural sugars and become more sweetly smoky and caramelised.

The perfect recipe for vegetables on the grill is not so much a recipe as a method to master, and it is easy to tame. After you have your choice of vegetables to grill, remember to wash them and remove any dirt or soil. Next, follow these tips.

grilled vegetables in Portugal
What’s your favourite grilled vegetable?

The most helpful tips for grilling any vegetable!

Whether you need a quick refresher or a complete guide on how to grill vegetables, we think these tips are for you: 

  • Cut the veggies in similar sizes. Before putting the vegetables on the grill, cut everything to a similar size to ensure even cooking. Likewise, be careful not to cut the vegetables into small pieces to prevent them from falling onto the grill grates.
  • Season them! To get the best flavour from grilled vegetables, season them with sea salt and pepper before grilling. 
  • Use grilling tools. Another approach to the question “What is the best way to grill vegetables?” It is by using a grill basket. This container allows the heat to penetrate through the grates of the pan to brown them, but without all your favourite vegetables falling through the slits and sticking to the grill grates.
  • Use a wok. f you have a side burner, we recommend using a wok to grill your vegetables outdoors, a fantastic option to enjoy your veggies uniquely.
  • Keep it simple. One of our favourite tricks is to season the vegetables when they come off the heat with fresh herbs, a squeeze of lemon or a sauce. We guarantee an unbeatable flavour.
  • Create new dishes with the leftovers. Last but not least, leftover grilled vegetables can be chopped and mixed into salads, pasta or hummus. Whatever your choice, every bite will be deliciously addictive.

These grilling tools will help you to learn how to grill any vegetable!

Delicious grilled zucchini

Zucchini or courgette has no shyness about making their triumphant entry into the world of vegetables on the grill. Versatile with that irresistible natural sweetness after a good session on the grates. If we had to choose just one vegetable to grill forever, zucchini would be it.

Grilled zucchini can be a main dish, for example, when cooking. At the same time, it is an excellent side dish that goes perfectly with any mains like meat, burgers or fish. Zucchini won’t let you down. 

Cut lengthwise into thick fillets or finely sliced into ribbons, grilled zucchini is one of the stars for summer and year-round recipes!

napoleon grills grilled vegetables
Learning how to grill any vegetable will give you infinite flavours and a different experience anytime you grill a new vegetable! Photo: Napoleon Grills.

Perfect grilled aubergine

We love aubergine. It can be eaten as a side dish or as a main ingredient for vegetarians with its unique meaty texture. Although aubergine is excellent fried, it has a new charm when grilled.

Aubergine is a vegetable that absorbs flavours very well, and when grilled, it becomes an ideal ingredient to add to salads, pasta or baba ganoush. Have a look at our easy and quick aubergine recipe.

As a surefire trick when grilling aubergine, it is best to overcook it for a little longer. Undercooked aubergine is slightly bitter, while overcooked aubergine is delightful, even if its texture is not ideal. Don’t worry about the aubergine looking like a prisoner after some time on the grill because it will taste like sweet summer freedom.

Mouth-watering grilled asparagus

From our selection of vegetables on the grill, we have the sleazy asparagus, low in calories and packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Grilled asparagus becomes slightly charred with a crispy exterior and a tender, soft interior. Yum!

When looking for a dish with the minimum of ingredients and techniques to use, we turn to our grilled asparagus recipe. All you need is salt, black pepper and oil. It’s as simple as it sounds.

#ProTip add a squeeze of lemon as a garnish after taking the asparagus off the grill. It will make you freak out. We still find it amazing how such a simple vegetable can be mind-blowing.

Grilled lettuce will definitely surprise you!

Grilling the lettuce is a great way to see the lettuce evolve into something delicious. It’s so simple how adding a little olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and parmesan cheese will take you to heaven.

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A perfect accompaniment to any main course, but it can also be the star of a dish. Roasted lettuce brings new life to any salad with its smoky flavour. Slightly softened in the centre and with charred tips, it is ideal for a Caesar salad. Let your imagination take flight. 

The most important thing to remember is to cut the lettuce vertically so the leaves remain connected to the core. This way, leaves will stay together and firm. And the lemon never forgets that squeeze of lemon that will enhance the flavour of the roasted lettuce. For the rest of the tips and ideas, look at our guide.

Grill any vegetables and let us know your results!

Enhance the sweetness of your favourite vegetables and enjoy that smoky flavour one bite at a time. Beyond that, it’s not just flavour that grilled vegetables on the grill bring, but nutrients, vitamins and an overall boost to your diet. 

We encourage you to use this post as a guide or personal challenge to improve your diet and add flavourful recipes to your meal rotation! Let us know what you think.

Now that you’ve learnt how to grill any vegetable, don’t forget to invite your Portuguese friends to try them! Visit our showroom in Almancil or check our products online. See you soon!

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