how to use a grill basket

How to correctly use a grill basket

Ever wanted to grill a bunch of vegetables but were worried they would end up in the coals instead of on your plate? Have you ever thought about tackling a side of codfish but were too scared to lose half the fish during the big flip? In this post, you will learn how to use a grill basket for cooking your food to perfection.

It’s not hard to use a grill basket for vegetables, fish, side dishes, or any food type you want to grill. You just need to know a few simple tricks to ensure your food cooks evenly and doesn’t dry out. A grill basket lets you cook your entire meal on the grill, allowing you more time and opportunity to enjoy your friends, family, and the great Algarve outdoors.

Ready to discover how a grill basket can make you a barbecue boss?

What is a grill basket for?

A grilling basket is a wire container made out of usually large-weave mesh. You can use it to hold food while cooking on a grill. People often use grilling baskets for vegetables, seafood, or small pieces of meat that might fall through the grate of your grill down into the flames or coals.

Moreover, we know it’s hard to grill the main course outside while simultaneously cooking veggies on the stove inside so you can get this product and serve everything at the same time. Ideal for fish, vegetables, and perfectly grilled sandwiches, this accessory makes handling multiple, delicate foods easy.

What can I put in a grill basket?

Grill baskets are ideal for veggies- This product can hold lots of vegetables and allow the heat to penetrate through the grids in the container to allow browning, yet all of your favourite veggies don’t fall through the cracks or stick to the grates.

As we mentioned above, you can also use a grilling basket to prevent flaky fish from falling apart during cooking.

Furthermore, you can shake it or toss it with tongs to keep turning your foods, which means you don’t have to use as much oil. Anyways, always remember to clean your grill properly.

Do grill baskets work?

Of course, they do! Especially if you cook small pieces of fish or vegetables on the grill and are tired of them falling through the grates. In this case, you need a grill basket!

When you place food on this accessory, it doesn’t actually make contact with the barbecue but instead stays firmly yet gently nestled between the basket’s two protective sides as it gets flipped.

🔥 Advice from BBQ’s Algarve If you wonder how you keep fish – or any food- from sticking to the basket, spray or brush regular grilling baskets with oil first. Put food in the basket and secure it before putting it over the heat.

How do you use a basket to grill vegetables?

We strongly recommend you cook several different vegetables altogether for blended flavors🔥. The grill basket will cook your veggies quickly and evenly with just an occasional tossing. In about 10 minutes, your vegetables will be ready to enjoy with your sardines or juicy steaks.

🔥 Advice from BBQ’s Algarve You don’t mandatory need to use this product to grill all veggies. You can cook vegetables like corn, eggplant, or zucchini directly on stainless steel cooking grates.

Tips for grilling veggies

1️⃣ Cut up vegetables with similar density and moisture content into same-sized chunks for even cooking. If you want all of the vegetables to be done simultaneously, everything in the basket should be of similar density.

2️⃣ Preheat your grill and the grill basket with the lid closed for about 10 minutes. This will help to keep the vegetables from sticking to the basket.

3️⃣ Grill your veggies in the basket over indirect heat. Toss them every three or four minutes or turn them over after five minutes.

4️⃣ Marinate them with just a little bit of oil to keep them from drying out. You can season the oil with a bit of salt and/or garlic powder or your favorite herbs for additional flavor.

5️⃣ It’s okay to overfill the basket a little when cooking vegetables—the steam released can help them cook through.

grilled potatoes on a grill basket
Onions and peppers take just a few minutes to cook, while potatoes can take longer. Picture and source: Epicurious.

Napoleon Flexible Grill Basket

In case we have convinced you, our outdoor grilling specialists recommend the Napoleon Flexible Grill Basket.

This product provides a high-quality barbecue tool to help complete the ultimate grill setup. Moreover, the stainless steel construction ensures a long-lasting and quality product, while the unique flexible basket is perfect for delicate foods to keep them secure while on your grill.

Watch this video and learn how to use this amazing tool:

Furthermore, the integrated handles mean that moving, flipping, and adjusting meals on your grill is super simple. Not only does the durable stainless steel of the Napoleon Flexible Grill Basket heat evenly, but it’s also easy to clean; throw it in the dishwasher so it’s ready for your next grilled creation.

Upgrade your grilling experience with help from Napoleon!

There are so many ways to grill vegetables! Although we love a great grill basket, you can also cook them directly on the grates, or even using skewers. Read our articles about grilled zucchinis, our tricks for the perfect grilled aubergines and grilled watermelon, useful tips and recipes for the Summer season.

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