BBQ ideas for your Halloween party like this cheeseburger

5 creative BBQ ideas for your Halloween party

Spooky season is officially here🎃! Halloween is knocking at our doors, and you might have started making scary costumes and other items to decorate your place and maintain the festive mood. This year, we want to offer you the most creative BBQ ideas for your Halloween party if you celebrate at home with your loved ones.

In case you want to organise a BBQ party at your space outdoors with your closest ones, you could also get inspired by the ideas below! 👇🏻👇🏻

5 BBQ ideas for your Halloween party

Halloween is a time when creativity is encouraged, and we are ready to help you get into the holiday spirit. Here are some scary food ideas for Halloween to make in gas grills, pellet grills and smokers.

Dead Man’s Chest

These slow-cooked ribs will surely be fun for your Halloween party, especially if you place a red pepper ‘heart’ in between them. Take a look at our maple smoked ribs recipe, or try a spicy version for Halloween.

In this BBQ ideas for your Halloween party we see a dead man chest made with smoked ribs
Maple ribs are one of the most creative BBQ meal ideas for Halloween! Try it out!

Jack O’lantern Cheeseburgers

These Jack O’Lantern cheeseburgers are the perfect addition to the buffet table. The kids love the silly faces, and adding a little ‘blood’ (aka ketchup) makes these easy and delicious burgers fun for all. Grill your burgers and make your guests “design” their own cheddar cheese face.

Jack o Lantern inspired cheeseburgers
Design your own Jack O’Lantern face for your Halloween cheeseburger!

Dead Man’s fingers

Here is another creative Halloween appetizer featuring lil’ smokies cut to look like fingers. The simplest way to transform sausages is to stand them right-side-up on the cutting board and, using a small, sharp knife slanted at a diagonal toward the sausage, shave about a 1/2″ worth of sausage away. This forms the fingernail. Then, lay the sausage flat and cut two slits directly under the nail and three slits on the opposite end from the fingernail. This creates the finger and knuckle creases.

BBQ ideas for your Halloween party like this dead man fingers
Tips and photos from The Anthony Kitchen

Mozzarella and olive eyeballs

This is a 10-minute recipe that uses just four simple ingredients. Use green olives, black olives, tomato purée or barbecue sauce and mozzarella pearls.  It’s perfect to serve as an appetizer and also ideal if you are grilling with your kids.

mozzarella eyes for Halloween
These ones look scary!

Mummy pizza

You don’t need a pizza oven to cook pizza! Do you know you can also cook pizza on a grill? For this creative BBQ recipe for Halloween, just assemble your pizzas by putting some tomato sauce on English muffins. You can sprinkle with dry oregano and simulate the mommy bandages with sliced mozzarella strips. For the eyes, use sliced black olives pitted. Grill until the cheese melts, and enjoy! You can also change the cheese for sliced grilled zucchini.

mummy pizza for your BBQ Halloween party
Use mozzarella cheese or grilled zucchini for the mummy body.

Is Halloween celebrated in Portugal?

First, Halloween wasn’t a holiday that was really celebrated in Portugal. These days, however, you’ll see posters across Lisbon, Porto, and other major cities advertising Halloween parties and special events for this holiday.

Depending on where you live in Portugal, you may even get a few trick-or-treaters knocking on your door as well.

Obviously, people in Portugal are simply copying what they see on television and in films and adopting those customs into Portuguese culture.

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