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Tricks and tips to make a delicious burger

Eating makes us happy. That’s a fact. And finding someone who doesn’t like hamburgers is almost impossible. It is also a fact. It is considered one of half the world’s favourite dishes and is among the top favourite foods, competing with pizza. Do you want to learn how to make a perfect burger? The combination of flavours, sauces, numerous condiments, and a slice of juicy meat all wrapped between slices of very soft bread. Who can resist? Although they may initially sound like fast food or junk, Hamburgers have evolved into a universe of possibilities that, with suitable raw materials, are dishes for true gourmets. And today, you’ll learn the tricks to grill a perfect one.

Don’t forget that this delight can be accompanied by delicious potatoes, the perfect complement to finish enjoying. It’s a dish that both children and adults alike, and it’s perfect to enjoy anytime: lunches, snacks, dinners, after work.

Burgers: the comfort food with limitless possibilities

The renaissance of this type of sandwich has led to the opening of a wide variety of establishments, each with its unique and creative approach, offering lovers of this culinary delight a diverse and exciting experience.

The key to success lies in diversifying options and experimenting with high-quality ingredients. It’s not just the classic cheeseburger; Today, diners can choose from an abundance of options ranging from gourmet with premium beef to vegetarian options with innovative ingredients like marinated portobello or lentil and quinoa.

In this context, personalisation has become essential. Many restaurants allow customers to build their sandwiches, selecting everything from the type of bread to the sauce and sides. This level of customisation satisfies individual tastes and transforms the dining experience into a creative and personal act.

A perfect burger doesn’t have a level of comparison. A well-made burger can’t be beat. It is a delight for the palate and not just anything: it requires a good product and care in its preparation. That’s why today we are going to explain how the perfect burger is built.

How to make the perfect burger

Let’s go in parts. First, you need to know the hamburger basically has three elements: bread, meat and accessories. The last one includes cheese as a primary ingredient, sauces, bacon and other components. Let’s dive into some tips!

The meat

For obvious reasons, it is the most essential ingredient along with bread, but how do you choose the meat for the hamburger?

A key tip is the percentage of fat, which should be relatively high; for example, it is not advisable to make the burger only vacuum because it is a piece with a lot of flavor but lacks the fat content.

The options vary. It can be picanha mixed with other fattier pieces; the loin, depending on the type, can be eaten alone or mixed; the needle, which is the most typical piece for the hamburger due to its affordable cost, its adequate fat content and its powerful flavour; the skirt, which is not suitable for use alone but is ideal for mixing with other types of meat.

The ideal fat percentage in meat is 20-25%, and although it may seem like a lot, it is not because part of that fat is lost during cooking.

When it comes to chopping the meat, it is best to chop it in one piece, as thick as possible, to get the most incredible amount of oxygen between the braids of the meat itself, and the idea is to chop it just before preparing the burger so that this oxygenation is present.

Regarding the maturation of the meat, this factor in a hamburger is not the same as if we are going to eat meat directly from the grill. It can add an exciting flavour to a hamburger, but you should be cautious when using aged meats because it is about the rotting of the meat.

For the dressing, the options are endless. From just adding pepper to adding herbs or chillies.

Finally, in terms of quantity, the best is a 200-gram burger that allows a suitable thickness. You can shape it using a ring, insert the meat and press more in the centre so that it has thick edges, making it much more attractive.

making the perfect burger
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The Bread

There are a few varieties of bread that you can use on burgers, made with malt, poppy seeds, crystalline bread and brioche bread, to name a few examples.

The ideal is bread made with enough fat; when broken, it is almost a bun because it holds the meat better.

For a classic burger, the best thing is bread with poppy seeds or a glass bun since they do not interfere with the flavour of the meat. Brioche goes with almost all burgers, especially if you are going to make a salty-sweet mix. If you are going to make a combination of beers when eating, malt bread can come in handy.

A good trick is to toast the bread beforehand so that it releases more aromas. You can spread butter and grill, or place directly on the grill.

The cheese

The importance of cheese is elemental. It gives creaminess to the burger and a delicious flavour that perfectly accompanies the meat. As for the type of cheese, the choice is up to each person’s taste. The important thing is that it is a cheese that melts, although each palate is always a universe.

For example, cheddar provides a lot of flavours, Havarti melts very well and is perfect for burgers where cheese is not the protagonist, and raclette allows many combinations… It’s a matter of trying and choosing.

Some grilled asparagus is the perfect side to eat with your favourite burger! Photo: Napoleon Grills UK.

The sauces

Sauces add personality to the burger combination, although you have to be careful not to kill the flavour concept you want to achieve.

Of course, there are many options when it comes to choosing sauces for burgers, and here we will not mention the classic ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, but rather alternatives with more personality, such as a yoghurt sauce with feta cheese, lemon and siracha; a Mexican “pico de gallo” that is a powerful complement; a barbecue, which although it is a classic, you can make at home so that it has your touch. It all depends on your curiosity when trying options.

Other ingredients

There are other important ingredients that complete the perfect burger. A classic option is vegetables. Depending on the case, they give it freshness and a crunchy, acidic or sweet touch. For example, grilled lettuce is a great vegetable to add to a burger. Another classic is bacon, which, when toasted well, gives it that crunchy texture or enhances the final flavour.

You can also add mushrooms, avocado, tomato, truffle, and even caviar. This is a dish that makes up a whole world. Hope these tricks help you make burgers that will be the envy of your friends.

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