5 things you can do with a side burner

5 things you can do with a side burner

Have you ever wanted to boil some potatoes while grilling your meats? Or perhaps, sauté something on your grill? You’ll want to use a side burner. Summer season is approaching, and this is synonymous with rest and entertaining panoramas, where everyone seeks to enjoy the good weather, good humour and great food. Moreover, appetizers, roasts and traditional accompaniments will always be included within these plans, all of which, if you didn’t know, can be cooked on the grill. Keep reading and learn 5 things to do with a side burner!

Many of our models feature side burners, which provide versatility and can kick your grilling game up a notch. In this sense, side burners are great for placing a pot and preparing side dishes, vegetables, sauces, stir-fries, bacon, and even eggs.

Do I need a side burner?

Definitely yes! In this post, we delve into the benefits of having this efficient tool. First, side burners are efficient, saving you time and increasing safety, as you won’t be in and out of the house and not paying attention to what’s on your grill. A side burner also comes in handy during emergency situations, allowing you to boil water or cook when you can’t cook indoors.

5 things you can do with a side burner

With a side burner, you will maximize your time outside and, therefore, will greatly improve your efficiency. Moreover, with everything all in one place, you won’t have to worry about food burning inside or the pot boiling over while outside. And also, if the power goes out, you have a backup plan! 

Keep sauce warm

Simmer sauces under low to keep them warm and ready till you are. While cooking, keeping the heat low and slow can keep your sauce happy and together! The side burner will work as a warming oven and keep food warm until it’s ready to be served! Sure, the main or primary grilling grate gets all the love with its mouth-watering steaks, juicy burgers, and delicious fish, but let’s face it, a main dish doesn’t taste quite as good without a great flavour-enhancing sauce on the side.

Cook those veggies on the wok

Adding a grill side burner is an inexpensive solution for wok cooking. This way, you can stir-fry, deep-fry, and quick-cook at high heat to achieve the desired results. This means you can cook your food faster and with greater precision, resulting in better flavours and textures. Imagine a tacos night, delicious Piri Piri chicken on the grill while you stir fry some colourful peppers to add that delicious caramelized flavour to your barbecue! What a dream!

wok with a side burner
You could add some teriyaki sauce and bring a flavour festival to your BBQ party.

Enhance your outdoor kitchen with a backup burner

Thanks to their versatility, you can cook anything at any moment. You can cook everything on an indoor stove on a barbecue side burner. Pot, pan, or wok, it can handle it. You can make bacon for your burgers while you grill those patties! Just think about all the possibilities!

Cook more at once

Prepare foods you usually prepare indoors right next to the main course. Even if you are not using the burner, you can place a salad there, keep gravy hot or use it as a low-heat heater for bread.

Boil sides for a healthier barbecue

Grilling is already a healthy way of eating your food. However, to make your barbecues healthier, try boiling some eggs, corn or potatoes to make a low-calorie side salad. On the other hand, you can also boil broccoli or cauliflower and mix it with a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a dash of salt. You could also boil some carrots or sweet potatoes and create a delicious mashed puree. The options and possibilities are endless!

Wrapping up, a side burner is an essential addition to your outdoor cooking setup. It not only enhances the versatility of your grill but also allows you to cook a wider variety of dishes with ease. Whether simmering sauces, stir-frying vegetables, or keeping food warm, a side burner can significantly improve your grilling experience. Moreover, it serves as a backup burner during emergencies and power outages, ensuring you can continue cooking even when faced with unexpected challenges.

At our store in the Algarve, Portugal, we offer a wide selection of top-quality side burners from specialized brands. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the perfect side burner to meet your needs and enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Visit us today and discover the convenience and versatility that a side burner can bring to your grilling setup.


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