Essential Grilling Accessories for Beginners

Essential grilling accessories for beginners

Are you starting the art of grilling? You should know that grilling is a lot more pleasant, more effortless, and your results will be more professional if you have a set of grill tools that do their jobs well. Our grilling experts want to share with you the essential grilling tools to help you as a beginner. If you’re also shopping for the grill itself, check out our guide on the Best Gas Grills to buy in 2021.

We thought we’d give you some of the basic equipment which will quickly and easily allow you to serve properly cooked, great-tasting food from your grill. The following BBQ tools will enhance your favourite meals:

Grilling Accessories For Beginners

Basic, Long-Handled Tongs – Tool Set

You might be tempted to buy some expensive, fancy tongs in the store or one of those high-end kitchen stores. However, it would be best if you had a simple pair of tongs that are long enough so that your knuckle hair doesn’t get singed when you’re grabbing food off the grill.

Being able to handle the food on your grill in a precise way will help you get the best results. So be sure to equip yourself with a complete toolset and keep them close by.

Basting Brush

A good basting brush can change your grilling, taking it from “This is really good” to “Wow, this is delicious! How’d you make it?!”. One way to ensure you get lots of great flavours is to continue to baste your meat throughout grilling. Keep a heatproof baster handy with your favourite marinade.

Solid Spatula

We don’t have much to say about the spatula, to mention it’s one of the essential tools if you are grilling vegetables or burgers. If you want something sturdy and big enough to sling a good-sized burger, get a solid spatula that feels balanced in your hand.

Grill Brush

A good grill brush is a secret to successful grilling. If your grate is clean, then your food will have clear grill marks and release easily (this is especially important if you’re cooking skin-on chicken or fish).
Moreover, grills can get pretty nasty, especially as the old congealed grease and soot build up. A grill brush is essential for keeping that nastiness off your grill and out of your food. Check our article How to clean your gas grill.

Wooden Cutting Board

Even if you do all your prep in the kitchen, you’ll still want a wooden cutting board for when you’re cutting your juicy steaks or carving a big piece of cooked meat, like pork tenderloin or chicken. This cutting board is just thick enough, so it’s sturdy and long-lasting, but without making it too heavy to schlep to the grill and back.

Chimney Starter

A chimney starter offers an easy way to light charcoal for barbecuing. If you own a charcoal grill, this piece of kit is essential. It gets your briquettes to cooking temperature in no time at all. Using one couldn’t be easier. You can use either newspaper or lighter cubes to get the coals going. Newspaper works great, but nothing beats a lighter cube. They even work in the rain!

Are you enyoing our selection of the essential grilling accessories for beginners? Keep reading for more!


Get a good quality briquette. These are a great example, odourless and smokeless. They will let you cook longer (up to 5 hours) and at a more consistent temperature. Briquettes burn slower and at a more consistent temperature, making them ideal for slow cooking and roasting as they rarely require you to refuel your barbecue. You can also add wood chips to provide your food with an amazing smokey flavour and taste.

Poultry Roaster

You might not have done poultry on the BBQ, but you will again and again once you have tasted the succulent, BBQ flavoured chicken that a roaster provides. The roaster also helps ensure the meat is cooked consistently throughout.

Drip trays or roasting pans

Drip trays provide temporary storage for containers and drums. They help prevent drips and small leaks onto the ground, mainly in operational areas where chemicals and small amounts of fuel or oil are needed. In addition, the drip trays stop fat from hitting the coals and flaring up. This prevents the charring and under-cooking of meat and allows for that consistent temperature to be achieved. For example, you can use aluminium drip trays to roast without juice or a roasting pan to cook food under poultry.

Carving Knife and Carving Fork

A good carving knife or a carving fork will last you a long time. Get a set that has high-quality handles and a good weight to them!

We hope to help you with the essential grilling accessories for beginners that can make your life infinitely easier and lead you to the road of cooking delicious food with your barbecue.

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