Resting the meat to get a tender juicy steak

Resting the meat: The secret for a juicy steak

More juiciness and flavours in your mouth and not on your plate? Resting the meat after cooking is the trick. When cooking meat on a grill, once its done, everybody wants to get a bite right away. Letting the meat rest for a little time prevents juices from leaking out when you finally cut it. It’s a basic tip and it’s worth the wait.

The ultimate juicy steak recipe

After you seasoned your steak and grilled it to a medium-rare, the next step is to let it rest. Meat fibres shrink when grilling. This is the reason why cutting it right away pools the liquid out. The result: what it was supposed to be a deliciously tender steak turns into a very dry one.

Resting the meat allows its natural juices to redistribute to the muscle and relax its fibres. The meat will be very tender when reabsorbing the moisture.

Resting the meat to get it juicy
After resting the meat, all its juices will be distributed

How long should a steak rest?

The amount of resting time depends on the size of your cut and of course, of the cooking technique. A lot of chefs recommend one minute of resting time for every 100 g of meat. On the other hand, waiting 10-20 minutes it’s the ideal and most recommended time by specialists.

Once you take the meat from the grill, you should tent it in foil to keep it warm. Additionally, there’s another reason to let your beef rest. A big steak will continue to cook for a few minutes after you take it out from the grill. That is why some recipes instructions ask you to take the meat out before cooking it completely.

While your steaks are resting you can finish touches on a side dish. You can also prepare a delicious gravy or get yourself another beer.


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