Best ways to grill pork

The best way to grill pork: A guide to delicious and healthy cooking

Ever wondered what’s the perfect protein for warm summer evenings? Skip the chicken and steaks and head for the best pork cuts for BBQ. Hearty and flavoured pork is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and high-quality protein. Keep reading for the best ways to grill pork!

What exercise is to fitness, pork is to a healthy diet. Even if this is not your favourite meat, the health benefits of grilled pork cannot be overlooked. Maybe you need to add more grilled pork recipes to your rotation!

Enjoying the delicious smokey flavour of a grilled pork shoulder or perhaps juicy pork chops is at your fingertips. Read on to enter the world of this versatile and affordable red meat and learn about the health benefits of grilled pork, a few grilling tips, pork nutrition facts, and more.

What are the best cuts of pork for grilling?

There is a cut of pork for every occasion. However, we can become overwhelmed by the variety of cuts on offer. What are the best pork cuts for BBQ? This is often the most common but crucial question. 

Choosing the right cut of pork is essential to make those barbecued pork recipes come out great. Different cooking methods and experiences depend on the cut. In Portugal, we are positive about the importance of following tips on how to grill pork correctly. We also firmly believe that there is a piece of pork for you.

Pork chops

Bone-in, boneless, thicker or thinner pork chops for grilling are delicious. You have probably seen pork chops named in different ways as loin chop, rib chop etc. That is because pork chops come from the loin, which runs almost the entire length of the pig’s body. Depending on the area of the loin they come from, pork chops will have different flavours and textures.

Pork chops from the shoulder have a more pronounced and savoury flavour. We recommend bringing the pork chops to keep them moist and cooking over low heat to melt the connective tissue. On the other hand, pork chops from the centre of the loin are leaner and more tender, perfect for a shorter cooking time.

We recommend bringing and choosing bone-in chops to inject flavour into your pork chops. Brining the meat will not only keep the chops moist but also adds protection against overcooking. While the bone, thanks to its fat, will provide another dose of moisture for the best tender meat in your pork chops for grilling. 


Often confused with pork loin, tenderloin has no comparison. Both cuts are lean and come from the muscle of the pork loin, but the tenderloin is, as its name implies, the tenderest part of the pig. Also called pork fillet is shaped like a long strip, has no bone and is very easy to cook. 

One of the best ways to grill pork, in this case, tenderloin, is to first give yourself over to the power of the brine. The juiciness it will bring to this cut is well worth the effort. Since the tenderloin is super lean and thin, it will cook quickly! Ideal for a lovely summer dinner.

And while we’re on the subject, pork loin is also on our list of the best pork cuts for BBQ. Pork loin is also a tender cut like tenderloin. Thanks to the extra layer of fat, pork loin can feel more meaty, ideal for mastering incredible grilled pork recipes. Our favourite? These Mouth-watering Portuguese-style pork kebabs, a recipe to challenge your skills and palate.

Pork shoulder

Just as the loin and tenderloin are often confused, so are the shoulder and butt of the pork. Both cuts come from the front part of the pig, “the shoulder”. The butt is the upper part of the shoulder area, while the shoulder cut is the lower part, closer to the leg. 

Pork shoulder on the grill is a cheaper option, versatile and will keep your guests satisfied. Due to the number of connective tissues in this cut, slow cooking is the best option. This type of cooking will also help keep all the juices of the shoulder inside the meat for a tender and moist result. 

We recommend seasoning it before grilling. Adding salt, paprika, and black pepper will make all the difference. Another trick is to let the shoulder meat rest after cooking. Let it rest for about 15 minutes allowing the tasty juices to run all over the cut. And if you’re up for it, try one of our favourite grilled pork recipes, pulled pork. Yum!

Spare ribs

The pork comes in different rib cuts such as baby ribs, rib tips and our favourite, spare ribs.

Spare ribs are our all-time favourite because of their outstanding flavour and tenderness. This cut has small, soft muscles alternating with thin fat and connective tissue layers. These anatomical characteristics facilitate cooking while keeping the meat moist and tender.

Homemade BBQ sauce is one of our BBQ pork marinades for the spare ribs. Let the ribs rest in this sauce before slowly cooking them. The longer the ribs sit in the marinade, the better. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.

The benefits of eating grilled pork

The health benefits of grilled pork are plentiful. Let’s start by talking about vitamins and minerals. Pork nutrition facts reveal that it contains vitamins B6 and B12, which help the immune system to function accurately. And if you want your thyroid function to take a turn for the better, pork contains large amounts of the mineral selenium, the thyroid’s best friend. 

Another health benefit of grilled pork is that thanks to the high-quality protein equals complete amino acids. Amino acids are essential for gaining and maintaining muscles and improving muscle function and overall athletic performance. Furthermore, in the case of older people, because muscle mass is lost in the process of ageing, amino acids are essential to maintain and freeze muscle degeneration.

Best ways to grill pork on a rotisserie
Did you know you can also cook pork with rotisserie? Hope you know more about the best ways to grill pork

Third and finally, eating grilled pork will help you improve your energy levels thanks to the iron it contains. Having more energy to enjoy the best pork cuts for BBQ and quality summer nights with your family is unparalleled!

The health benefits of grilled pork are guaranteed with the proper consumption of this wonderful red meat. Patience and a desire to spend an unforgettable summer evening should also be on your list of new things to try. 

The most repeated words in this article can be easily moist and tender, with undisputed characteristics to guarantee bite after bite of ecstasy. We hope this article gives you the energy and knowledge to try new grilled pork recipes and dare to include pork in your diet. Let us know in the comments!

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