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Flame Gas Patio Heater in Black.

This flame heater is one of our latest designs for gas patio heating. Like a fire pit inside its slender glass tube, its re-engineered spiral flame is a spectacle at home in your garden or on a patio. Ideal for use within a commercial setting for that al fresco experience.

It offers versatile even heat output from the base of the flame to the radiating reflector at the top. Although this heater has a lower kW output than many other gas heaters within its category, its unique wide glass and spiral flame still offers considerable heat output and benefits from using less gas.

The Steel construction is straight forward to assembly right out of the box, has integrated wheels for moving the heater easily between locations or when not in use. A Quartz glass tube fits centrally inside the black grills to both contain and further radiate the heat output while in use.

What’s unique about the flame gas patio heater?:

The flame burns in a unique spiral configuration. It looks incredible and combines with its various features to offer a great heat output for a lower usage in fuel.

Key Features:

– Unique Spiral Flame.

– Wide glass and flame output radiates more heat.

– 13.5kW of Heating Power.

– Complete with wheels.

– Powder coated Stainless Steel.

– Easy Push Button Electronic Ignition.

– Maximum Power (kW) – 13.5

– Borosilicate Safety Glass Flame Tube

– Outer Protective Mesh Screen

– Tilt Switch Auto Cut Out

– Quick Start Igniter

– Gas Type – Propane Gas

– CE Approved

– Accepts 13kg Patio Gas Bottles

– Fuel: Butane and propane gas.

– Height: 1830 mm

– Diameter: 565 mm

– Weight: 22 Kgs

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