ENDERS Patio Heater


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    • Equipped with a 14kW stainless steel burner
    • 4 – 14 kW of adjustable power
    • 11 – 38 hours of operation with 11kg propane gas bottle
    • Weight 29kg
    • Measures Ø88x230cm
    • Comprehensive area approx. 12m ²
    • Ø88cm reflector
    • Anti-fall safety system with automatic gas cut in case of excessive tilt
    • Automatic gas cutting safety system in case of no flame
    • Mecanismo de retracção especial para uma simples e rápida redução do tubo, o que facilita a arrumação e o tranporte
    • Prateleira deslizante de suporte da garrafa de gás para facilitar a troca da garrafa.
    • Support table serves as an ideal base for glasses, trays etc.
    • The door can be locked for added security
    • Wheels for easy transport
  • The gas bottle can be stored inside
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