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The Galio Star Black with its star-shaped burner is a differentiating factor in any environment, making it essential for your outdoor space.

The Galio Star Black is a round outdoor gas fireplace, however, due to its robust design, it is resistant to weather conditions.

This burner has an exclusive star-shaped design that creates a unique atmosphere and flame, in addition it has two fuel options LPG or natural gas that guarantee high performance and a natural, golden fire at all times.

Galio Star is a portable product, in this sense it allows easy installation and no electrical connection is required.

The Galio Star Black was designed with quality materials, with CE certified components and low operating voltage, making it a reliable and completely safe product, with the purpose of withstanding severe weather conditions.

To increase comfort, Star Black has two independent control solutions: an integrated Easy Start panel, as well as a remote control, which allow easy and intuitive control of the fireplace and flame.

The Galio Star is certainly the ideal fireplace for outdoor spaces of any type.

Characteristics of the Galio Star fireplace:

  • For outdoor use
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable flame height
  • Star-shaped burner
  • Intuitive control panel
  • LPG or natural gas supply
  • Safety sensors
  • Quick ignition
  • CE certified components
  • Black stone decoration
  • Remote control included
  • Wifi & Smart Home System (optional)

Ficha técnica da lareira Galio Star Black

  • Dimensões: D 950 x 330 mm
  • Acabamento:
    • Caixa: Preto
    • Queimador: aço inoxidável e pedras “diamante” pretas

Gás natural

  • Consumo: máx. 1.47 m3/ h
  • Potência: máx.16.4 kW
  • Pressão gás: 20 mbar


  • Consumo: máx. 1.35 kg/ h
  • Potência: máx. 17.3 kW
  • Pressão gás: 37 mbar