Algarve Nature Fest in Olhao

Algarve Nature Fest: free activities to promote natural beauty

We are only a week left from the Algarve Nature Fest. This event was created to promote the natural beauty of this beautiful region in southern Portugal. With a lot of free activities in nature, visitors will be able to enjoy this festival in Olhão. The event will run between September 21st and 22nd. 

The festival will have walks through cliffs, swimming activities, sailing, boat trips, birdwatching, stand-up paddling or mountain biking.  These are just a few of the free activities that people will be able to enjoy during the festival. Moreover, the Algarve Nature Fest has a conservation sense. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving the scenic and biological diversity of the Algarve.

Free activities for the family

“This is nature for you” is the signature of the festival. It has dozens of experiences at the sea, the river or the land. In the same vein, the free activities will be available for adults and children. However, if you will assist the festival, take into account that some of the activities need mandatory prior registration.

Paddle surf in Olhao, Algarve
Paddle surfing will be one of the experiences to enjoy during the Algarve Nature Fest

In addition to the main program, there is a set of complementary activities. These ones go through the animation area and the exhibition placed at the Riverside Boardwalk Olhão. This is one of the last festivals to enjoy the sun in this region, that comes after the Sardines Festival.

On the other hand, the schedules for the days of the Algarve Nature Fest are between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. In this sense, during this time, all visitors will be able to enjoy multiple experiences. Some of them are kayaking, to appreciate the landscapes of the area, mechanical surfing and archery. In addition, participants can choose also climbing walls and segway rides, among many other options that they will. Most importantly, the program has significant proposals to spend free time in a fun way in September. We love this kind of events, since is an amazing way to spend time outdoors.

The program of activities with previous registration includes bike rides in different routes, horseback riding and hiking trails. There will also be events in the water such as diving and whale watching. The event will be worthwhile for those who appreciate the environment. It is also a great opportunity to get to know more about the Algarve. This spectacular region is most known for its magnificent beaches, which every summer tend to be prominent protagonists. However, the Algarve Nature Fest also highlights other nature areas and beautiful spots in the region.

Olhão, the perfect location

Olhão is the largest fishing port of the Algarve. It is only 10 minutes from Faro by car or train. Olhão is the perfect gateway to some of the most beautiful islands of Portugal. It is also a great starting point to discover the natural park of Ria Formosa. Although it isn’t the most stunning town in Algarve, Olhão surely has something nice to offer you.

Rio Formosa natural park in Ohao
The Rio Formosa natural park is one of the most beautiful natural spaces in the region

There are many beautiful things to see in the area of Olhão. The Algarve Nature Fest is an excellent way to experience excursions and get to know this region. It can make your holiday in the Algarve even more memorable.

Nature tourism in the Algarve

The Algarve is a territory of nearly five thousand square kilometres. However, it goes far beyond the beaches that concentrate the attention of tourists during summer. Therefore, if you are a nature lover, your journey in Algarve begins through the cliffs. It continues in the forests, the riparian corridors, and many landscapes with great biological importance.

Nature tourism is increasingly important, and it is an excellent way to preserve the natural spaces that Portugal offers. The Algarve Nature Fest is one of the most exciting events at national and European level. The festival usually attracts a large number of visitors every year. Have you visited southern Portugal this year? Let us know your experience in the comments.

You can check the agenda and activities of the festival or share your experience on Instagram using the hashtag #algarvenaturefest.

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