Solo Stove Ranger+Stand 2.0

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The fire pit sized for every adventure. Ranger’s unique features combined with Stand’s power to help protect your surfaces, make it suitable for cityscapes and campsites alikeWhat’s Included:

  • Ranger: Smokeless fire on the go, meet the most portable fire pit
  • NEW Removable Base Plate and Ash Pan: Ash cleanup now made easier
  • Ranger Stand: Protect the surfaces you love no matter where you take your flame

Ditch the hassle of complicated assembly. Making good moments should always be easy, and our fire pits are designed to deliver. Thanks to the 360º Signature Airflow, anyone can easily spark up bright flames whether you’re a first-timer or  a pro. And just like the start up the clean-up can be done in a snap. Our new removable ash pan makes getting rid of incinerated leftovers simple so that you can enjoy nights with less mess and more good moments.

304 steel is highly durable, surprisingly light weight and won’t cave under the pressure of ultra-hot flame. Count on your fire pit to hold up to all of your experiences- wheatear in the backyard or in the backcountry. It’ll last a lifetime and we have the warranty to prove it.



Diameter: 38 cm

Height: 32 cm

Weight: 6,8 kg


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