Premium Cover for Weber Q 300 & 3000 BBq

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m Cover for Weber Q 300 & 3000 BBQ series.

Weber BBQs are designed for an outdoor life. They are robust enough to handle all weather but a cover will help you keep your barbecue looking as good as new.

Made of 100 percent polyester, the new generation covers are as rugged as vinyl, but more breathable and pliable even in extreme cold conditions. The softness of the fabric also allows for easiest cover placement and removal.

The Weber Premium Grill Cover for Weber Q comes with a handy storage bag so that you can store it away neatly when not in use.

There are two velcro straps, one on either side that allow you to fasten the cover tightly, preventing it from blowing away during high winds. Another clever little velcro strap allows you to keep the storage bag strapped to the cover when in use so that it doesn’t go missing.

Fits all Weber Q 300, Q 3000, Q 320 & Q 3200 series barbecues.

It can be also used with all Weber Q 200, Q 220, Q 240, Q 2200 y Q 2400 when used with the Deluxe Weber Q Permanent Cart.

Providing year-round protection from the environment, these fabric covers carry a generous 3 year limited warranty.

– Width: 112,4 cm. x Height: 95,6 cm. x Depth: 64,1 cm.

– Manufacturer: Weber

– Model: 7184

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