Kamado Joe Classic II Stand -Alone

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The kamado, an old BBQ in the Asian style, is a thick-walled oven that gives a rich smoked flavor to meats, fish and vegetables. For centuries almost unchanged, the air flows in a kamado ceramic furnace through its ceramic body and comes out through its ventilated dome, the charcoal is revived, like smoke and heat.

Kamado Joe is proud to make use of this tradition, modernizing the style of the classic grill with an unrivaled craftsmanship, innovative accessories and a series of flexible cooking surfaces. And since our first barbecue, We know that the kamado is more than just an oven, the cooking in a kamado ceramic oven is a way of life. A decade has passed since the beginning of our company, we have realized that we are not the only followers of Kamado Joe who think so. More than the awards, more than the recognition achieved by our ovens and accessories and more than the satisfaction of knowing that our designs perform better than any other available in the market, we have the honor of belonging to a community of people that shares our passion for a truly unique outdoor barbecue experience.

It has many advantages, for example you can smoke or not to taste, you can regulate the temperature on the fly as it has never been achieved either in a wood oven or in a traditional kitchen. Due to its design, the distribution of heat is uniform, there are no hot spots. It is much more economical and clean.

The Kamado Joe Classic II Stand Alone features a thick-walled, heat-resistant shell that locks in smoke and moisture at any temperature. The easy-open dome includes our counterbalanced Air Lift Hinge and element-proof, ultra-precise Kontrol Tower top vent, while the large cooking surface underneath is crafted from 304 stainless steel. Other featured innovations that come standard with the Classic II™ include the Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System, our Advanced Multi-Panel FireBox, a heavy-duty rolling cast iron cart, and a patented slide-out ash drawer for easy cleaning.

Accessories included with this Kamado Classic Joe II Stand Alone:

– Top Vent.

– Built-in Thermometer.

– Divide and Conquer System with 2 ceramic heat deflectors.

– Advance Multi-Panel Firebox.

– Grill Gripper.

– Ash Tool.

Key Features:

– Base and Dome made of High Fire Heat Ceramics.

– Glaze made of Heat-Resistand Ceramic Coating.

– Top Vent made of Cast Aluminum.

– Grill Grate made of 304 Stainless Steel.

– Fire Box/Ring made of High-Fire Heat-Resistant Ceramics.

– Gasket made of Wire Mesh Fiberglass.

– Latch made of Aluminum.

– Handles and Shelves made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene).

– Hinge made of Full Counter Balanced Steel.

– Heat Range: 82°C – 399°C.

– Bottom Vent made of 304 Stainless Steel.

– FireBox Ring 304 Sainless Steel.

– Dimensions: 76,2 cm high x 58,42 cm wide x 68,58 cm deep.

– Main cooking surface: 49 cm of diameter.

– Weight: 97.5 kg.

– Manufacturer: Kamado Joe


– Limited Lifetime Warranty on Ceramic Parts.

– 5 Years Warranty on Metal Parts.

– 2 Years on all other parts.

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