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The cookbox is made of high-quality north american 304 grade stainless steel with cast aluminium end caps, a design choice that ensures durability and consistent cooking performance. Stainless steel is renowned for its resistance to rust and corrosion. The use of cast aluminium end caps adds to the structural integrity of the cookbox, making it more robust and capable of withstanding high temperatures. This combination of materials not only enhances the longevity of the grill but also aids in efficient heat retention and distribution, crucial for even and effective cooking.

The stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ system vapourizes juices and infuses them back into your food for great flavour. It also protects the burners and evenly distributes heat over the entire surface of the grill.

This is possible thanks to special multi-stage valves located under the Sensi-Touch ™ control knobs. Linear-Flow ™ valves have a 180-degree adjustment scale, which allows not only to precisely set the temperature, but also to control the heat zones inside the cook box.

The reversible cast stainless steel cooking grids offer a dual-purpose design. One side of the grids is pointed to create perfect sear marks on meats, adding both flavour and visual appeal. The other side features grooves which serve to capture juices, aiding in continuous basting. This results in more flavourful and tender cooked foods. The use of stainless steel ensures durability and resistance to rust.

The stainless steel Dual-Tube ™ technology provide twice the amount of heat per burner and distributes the gas evenly, allowing the same temperature to be maintained on both the front and rear of the grill.

BBQ dimentions:

  • height – 125 cm
  • height with open cover – 147 cm
  • width – 175 cm
  • width with lowered shelves – they are not lowered
  • depth – 64 cm
  • depth with open cover – 72 cm (the lid retracts a maximum of 12 cm)