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This barbecue includes an open flame back burner and a rotisserie with a heavy duty motor. Rotisserie cooking constantly rotates the food, allowing a constant basting of juices over the meat, giving juicy and tasty results.

Either use it with chicken, leg of lamb, our tumble basket, the posibilities are endless.

The Broil King infrared side burner is capable of reaching 927ºC for high heat searing. Perfect for a reverse sear, stirfry, or if you just want a bit of colour on your roast.

These illuminated knobs are as practical as they are attractive. Easily see your control knobs when grilling at night and add an ambience meanwhile.

Let there be light! Enjoy night time grilling thanks to these useful internal oven lights.

With such a beautiful barbecue, you don’t want an ugly gas bottle sitting next to it, hide it away in the cabinet to keep your setup attractive.

With two separate ovens, you can cook different foods at varying temperatures simultaneously, which is ideal for meals requiring different cooking times and methods. Also, dual independent ovens offer the additional benefit of preventing flavour crossover between foods.

BBQ dimensions:

  • altura – 123 cm
  • altura com a tampa aberta – 147 cm
  • largura – 177 cm
  • profundidade – 64 cm
  • profundidade com a tampa aberta – 72 cm (a tampa retrai-se até um máximo de 12 cm)