BeefEater 1200E 3 BNR BBQ

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Beefeater 1200E 3 Burner Built-In Gas Barbecue

Beefeater 1200E Built In 3 Burner Gas BBQ

Featuring cast iron cooktops (half grill and half flat plate) and a porcelain enameled roasting hood, this BBQ has all you would expect from Australia’s favourite BBQ!

The 3 cast iron burners will give 15.9kW of heat output in the main part of the BBQ.

The reliable Quartz Ignition System is attached to each burner which lights the BBQ with ease. Stainless Steel heat reflectors are included to help distribute heat, stop flare ups and will also enhance the flavour of your food. There is a new stainless steel control panel which allows for easier cleaning.

The Porcelain enameled roasting hood is very robust and durable and includes a large viewing window and temperature gauge to help you check on the progress of your food without losing the heat from inside

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