the perfect steak

Perfectly juicy steak are three words that always have us drooling before a barbecue weekend. And we want to teach you how to grill meat to perfection. First, you should know that beyond the much-loved fillet, rib-eye, sirloin and rump, a world of underrated steaks will seriously deliver on the flavour front. For example, flank and thick and thin skirts are delicious cuts worth a try. 

Chef Jamie Oliver says there are a few guidelines to remember if you are trying to grill a perfectly juicy steak, whichever cut you choose. Some of them are:

  1. Allow the steak to come to room temperature. Before you start, get the steak out of the fridge and allow it to come up to room temperature for about one hour before cooking or grilling it from cold.
  2. Only cook on a super hot grill. Before you begin, ensure your grill, barbecue, or pan is hot. This step will help to caramelise the meat, which is essential for a delicious crust.
  3. Cook steak medium rare to medium. During cooking, aim to cook your steak medium-rare to medium. If you exceed, you might be left with a tough piece of meat. Turning it every minute or so will ensure you get an even cook.
  4. Rest the steak. After cooking, leave it to rest and rub it with a bit of extra virgin olive oil or butter for an incredible, juicy steak.

Just by remembering these tips, you’ll get excellent results every time! If you follow more information, read for specific tricks to help grill the perfect steak.

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How to grill a thin steak

When grilling steak 1 ½ inches in thickness or less, the best way to get the perfect char on the outside and desired doneness in the centre is to sear over direct heat. To do this, you need to grill the steak over direct heat until it reaches the desired temperature, flipping it about every minute. This will ensure that the surface gets nice golden brown and that the middle won’t cook too quickly. Take the steak off the grill once it reaches the desired temperature and let it rest for 5 minutes before serving.

How to grill a thick steak

When grilling steak 1 ½ inches thick or more, the best way to get the perfect char on the outside and desired doneness in the centre is to do the reverse sear. You will cool the steak until it is almost done over indirect heat, then move it to the hotter direct-heat section of the grill for the final sear.

You will want to ensure the grill’s indirect heat section is around 225 degrees F.  Then add the steak to the cooler part and cover the grill.

perfectly grilled steak
We love those grill marks!

Is it essential to let the steaks rest?

Yes. The steak continues to cook for those few minutes. This continuation of cooking is great because it doesn’t dry out the steak, as it would by simply leaving it on the grill longer. That’s the secret to grilling meat without drying it out!

Remember that cutting into the steak interrupts that last little cooking period by releasing the heat inside the steak. So let it rest for a few minutes, and your steak will turn out perfect.

Everyone has their favourite ways to eat steak – with good old chips, green salad, pepper or bbq sauce, or chimichurri! Whatever you choose, we’re sure your lucky guest will love you for it.

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