Napoleon Charcoal & Smoker Tray

Can I use charcoal in my gas grill?

There’s nothing like the smell of a charcoal grill being fired up to get us salivating and ready to celebrate summer barbecues in Algarve, but in case you own a gas grill, do you know if you can use charcoal in your gas grill? This is a question that gets asked more than you think, and the answer depends on your grill.

🔴 First, you should know that the heat from burning charcoal can cause a significant amount of damage to the components of your gas grill.

Moreover, if you throw charcoal into a gas grill, you will probably have to replace several parts, if not the entire grill itself.

The burners of many modern grills are easily damaged and can be clogged with ash and debris.

For some of you who own a Napoleon grill, we are happy to introduce the Napoleon Charcoal & Smoker Tray, the perfect tool to add that flavour of charcoal in combination with your favourite wood chips using your gas grill.

Why we prefer gas grills instead of charcoal ones

Some people prefer the taste of food cooked over charcoal. However, there are several drawbacks when deciding if buying a charcoal grill or a gas one.

A charcoal grill needs a lot more tending to and strive to establish a fire. The grilling process often takes longer to set up and creates a bigger mess than a gas grill. All these, and the fact that there are amazing gas grills in the market with impressive features to enhance the outdoor grilling experience, we always recommend buying a gas barbecue.

While the lure of the charcoal grill smoke can be appealing, you should prepare to put in the work for a good grilling experience.

use charcoal and wood chips in gas grill
Get a charcoal and smoked flavour to your meats using the charcoal tray

Napoleon Charcoal & Smoker Tray

Some modern grills have an optional accessory referred to as a “charcoal tray”. This drop-in accesory replaces your grill grates and allows you to place charcoal over the burners.

Charcoal trays are a great add-on component to allow you to light the charcoal using the convenience of your easy-to-light burner system. You won’t have to use lighting fluid to ignite your charcoal!

Also, as the charcoal burns, it will simply fall into your drip pan for easy removal.

In this sense, the Napoleon Charcoal & Smoker Tray allows you to turn most Napoleon gas grills into a unit that will use charcoal fuel. You will be able to turn your Napoleon Prestige Pro, Prestige, LEX, LE, or Triumph series gas BBQ into a charcoal barbecue and smoker for enhanced food flavour.

Benefits of the Napoleon Charcoal & Smoker Tray

All Napoleon grills are made to withstand the heat produced by charcoal. The charcoal tray fits easily into your gas grill just above the burners, in place of one sear plate.

Read more details about this great add-on product for your Napoleon grill:

  • No lighter fluid is needed.
  • Drops directly into one half of your Napoleon grill
  • Features smoking tray for wood chips
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for indirect rotisserie cooking
  • There is also a smoker
  • Width: 40 cm. x Depth: 39 cm.

🔥 Advice from BBQ’s Algarve There is no “standard” tray size option, so specific trays are usually designed to work with specific grills. Your manufacturer may have more information about accessories for your barbecue. You can also contact us for assistance.

How to use the charcoal tray

Just remove your grids and sear plates, rest the charcoal tray on burners, add charcoal and replace cooking grids. Use your burners until the charcoal glows red, turn the burners off and grill the modern charcoal way.

Moreover, the wood chip box on the side allows you to infuse wood smoke flavour into your favourite dishes as well.

#BBQTip Don’t forget to use a chimney starter to light the coals. The lengthiest part of the charcoal grilling process is getting the coals ready. Don’t be tempted to use lighter fluid. These ones will end up flavouring your food, which none of us wants. Instead, use a chimney starter to the light coals. Using this product is very easy; pack the bottom of the starter with newspaper and then fill the rest with charcoal. Then light the bottom and let science do the rest.

Add the flavour of charcoal in combination with your favourite wood chips using your gas grill.:

The Napoleon Charcoal & Smoker Tray is meant for Napoleon barbecues. However, you can also learn how to smoke on a gas grill to add the smokey flavour from charcoal or wood to the foods you cook on your gas barbecue in the Algarve.

Do you love this product as much as we do? Now you’re ready for old-fashioned charcoal cooking the simple, modern way! Enjoy the flavour of charcoal as often as you want and turn your favourite Napoleon gas grill into a charcoal one and smoker for enhanced food flavour.

Contact us today or visit us at our showroom in Almancil for the best advice on how to use charcoal.


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