best portable Broil King grills

The 5 best portable Broil King grills for indoor and outdoor use

Today we’ll help you find the best portable Broil King grill within your budget that suits your needs and desires. If you don’t have the space or budget for a full-size grill or want something you can carry to a campground, park, or tailgate, check our selection!

We selected the best portable Broil King grills in the market and based our choice on the fuel type, the number of burners, BTU, cooking areas, etc. Broil King grills use different fuel types, from natural gas and propane to charcoal. Most of them also come with three to four burners.

#ProTip We recommend factoring in a grill’s cooking area before making any purchase. Ideally, you should target a grill with a small cooking area if you’ll be cooking for a small group of people.

The best portable Broil King gas grills for your backyard

To enjoy fast-lighting grilling on the go without the mess of charcoal to deal with, choose one of the best portable Broil King gas grills in this guide. Below, you will find the results from our favourite ones on the market.

Although many purists would instead cook over charcoal, you can still have a fantastic barbecue experience with a gas grill. They fire up in seconds, and there’s no messy charcoal to deal with. Moreover, you get simple grilling instead of cooking on a stove outside.

Broil King Imperial S690 IR, a huge barbecue

The new Broil King Imperial S690 barbecue has been redesigned and improved. It is equipped with the latest technology and manufactured with very high-quality standards. This huge portable Broil King grill is fitted with six burners, with which you won’t have issues when cooking at the biggest parties. It has a double lid that you can use independently of one another or both simultaneously. One of the lids has four burners, and the other has two burners (ideal to use when grilling for a few people). It has everything a chef could wish for.

Broil King Baron 590, a great performance for demanding grillers

The Broil King Baron Series offers fantastic performance in various sizes to suit the most demanding grillers. Barons come with premium stainless steel features such as a double top, drop-down side tables, control panel, handles and cabinet doors. This grill offers Broil King’s legendary cooking system featuring heavy-duty cast iron grates, stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ diffusers, patented Dual-Tube™ burners and Linear-Flow™ valves for precise cooking control.

Moreover, the Baron S 590 gas grill has complete equipment and an unbeatable design. This model incorporates five main burners, an infrared side burner, a rear burner and a rotisserie. Its stainless steel burners are designed to allow heat to flow evenly across the entire cooking surface. The grill size and the different work surfaces offer the possibility of cooking other dishes simultaneously at different temperatures. Despite the perfect size of this model, its design can be collected and thus save space. In addition, its four wheels with a built-in locking system will allow you to transport it more easily.

Broil King Regal 490, a mighty and robust grill

The Broil King Regal 490 barbecue comes as an extra with a side burner, a rotisserie kit and a rear burner (for the rotisserie kit).

The robust cooking grates are made of cast iron and make them retain heat, with which you will be able to brown your food quickly. Its wide lid is perfect for using your grill as an oven (indirect cooking) and roasting beef, turkey, etc. These Broil King barbecues are built with the highest quality and unbeatable power.

This is, without hesitation, one of our favourite options for portable Broil King gas grills! If you need guidance choosing the ideal model, contact our experts!

Bonus recommendations: A pellet Broil King grill and a charcoal Broil King grill

Broil King Crown Pellet 400, as easy as pressing a bottom

The Pellet BBQ uses 100% natural wood pellets, and they come in a wide variety of flavours, bringing that lovely smoky flavour to your food. The built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-compatible digital control panel will help regulate the temperature from low and slow cooking at 107°C to roasting temperatures of 315°C.

This Broil King grill is constructed of 1.5mm thick steel and finished in black with high heat-resistant paint to last virtually a lifetime. Moreover, the digital control panel has two meat probes, so it will be effortless to monitor the food when you cook it. It also comes with a timer and stopwatch to let you know when your food is at the perfect temperature. It also has an extra large pellet hopper that can hold up to 10 kg of pellets simultaneously. This is ideal for preparing slow long cooking recipes such as brisket!

Broil King Regal Charcoal Grill 500 for that smokey flavour

The Broil King Regal Grill 500 charcoal barbecue is designed in the style of traditional barbecues from the southern United States. They are recognizable by their barrel shape and the chimney it incorporates. Its grill is wide and allows you to prepare many hamburgers simultaneously or roast large pieces of meat. You can also use it to smoke at low temperatures for long hours.

This charcoal grill features 625 sq. in. total cooking space. Also, heavy-duty cast iron cooking grids, a dual-purpose charcoal tray, a removable ashtray and fully adjustable dampers.

Unsure what kind of portable Broil King grill is the best for you? Our friendly and familiar team will be happy to answer your questions. For advice, call us!

Always make sure any prospective barbecue suits your space, lifestyle, cooking style and budget – while having good build quality!

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