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640.5 – 787 sq. inches
total cooking area
Fits 20 burgers
39,000 BTU-per-hour input

With the new Genesis gas grill you can grill, bake or even sauté. Its compatibility with the WEBER CRAFTED Gourmet BBQ System offers unlimited culinary possibilities, allowing you to cook foods you never thought possible on the grill. It also includes Weber’s largest, hottest Sear Zone and expandable top cooking grate so you can cook a complete, restaurant-quality meal outside, right where the party is.

• WEBER CRAFTED structure; expand your menu with custom barbecue accessories
• Sear multiple steaks at once in the extra-large Sear Zone
• Expandable top cooking grate that creates a second cooking level
• Extra-large folding table for preparing and serving
• Sauté, boil water or heat sauces on the side burner



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