ALFA PIZZA PRO Forno Achille Gas (LPG/methane)


Achille is the professional designer pizza oven perfect to be placed in front of the customers or in the kitchen. The unique design makes Achille oven the main attraction of your restaurant. The rectangular combustion chamber allows you to cook with trays or directly on the floor. The refractory floor is 8 cm thick and is made of a special mixture of alumina that retains the heat for long time.

This gas powered professional pizza oven can be installed with or without base. The gas version can be placed under the hood, also thanks to its lightweight it can be set down on your existing kitchen table top. Achille cooks 2 pizzas at a time in less than 90 seconds, reaching working temperature in only 25 minutes.

LPG consumption: 1,35 kg/h – 2,9 lbs/h
Methane consumption: 1,80 m3/h

Dimensions WxDxH: 125x81x160 cm – 49x32x63 in

Weight: 220 kg – 484 Ibs

Heating time
15’ to reach 200°C (400°F)
25’ to reach 450°C (850°F)

Pizza capacity: 2 pizzas
Cooking performance: 40 pizzas per hour



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